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2012 március -

Ivancsics Ilona és Színtársai:

Hungarian Tales (Neighbor/Bugyik)
Olympia (Albert)
Scottish syndrome (Bruno)
The odd couple (female version) (Jesus)
Comedy Theater(Harry)
Lulu (Antoine)

2014 március - 2019 május

Tesla Teátrum:

Witches of Salem (Reverend Samuel Parris)
Pisti a vérzivatarban (Kimért)

About Me2

About Me

My theatrical experience started in 2004 at the Musical Theater, then I‘ve worked in Körúti Színház, during that time, simultaneously, from 2012 I was working at Ivancsics Ilona és Színésztársai, and in Tesla Teatrum, which was hallmarked by Ivan Vas-Zoltan, since 2016. I‘ve also been a guest actor at Karinthy Theater and Madach Theater.

From 2005 I‘ve been doing voiceovers - during this time, I‘ve given my voice to hundreds of films and commercials. The list of the films can be found at iszdb.hu



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